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Iam Vikram Prashant and I am a Research Scholar. I love to study society, administration, and social system. and I strongly believe that the present structure of society, Administration and Social system are solely responsible for injustice and create divides and this has to change. I feel poetry has the power to mobilise people against the injustice done by the society, government, social system and economic system so this blog comes out of a desire to unite people through Emotions which comes as poetry.

जब भावनाओं की प्रवाह कहीं ठौर नहीं पाती है तब वो कविता बन कर निकलती है। यहां आपकी भावनाओं को आसरा ही नहीं अपितु एक दिशा भी मिलेगी।

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